Welcome to Module 3 of our CPD-accredited training program, Building Resilience in Palliative Care Providers. The overall course focuses on empowering all Palliative Care providers with strategies to thrive in their roles while prioritising professional well-being. Join us to enhance patient care, foster personal fulfillment, and create a supportive work environment within palliative care.

Positivity is about having the choice and power to change the way we think. Healthcare professionals can often think critically or even negatively out of habit, whereas positive thoughts make people feel good. This module helps participants to recognise unhelpful patterns of thinking and change them to more positive ones by learning to observe their thoughts. Their newfound positivity and optimism not only benefits themselves but also extends to their colleagues and patients, fostering a positive environment overall.


  • Dr Raksha Balbadhur (Palliative Medicine Doctor)

    Dr Raksha Balbadhur

    Palliative Medicine Doctor

    Dr Balbadhur is a dedicated palliative medicine doctor providing home-based care. She holds a Masters Degree in understanding and improving the dignity experience of SA patients from diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds with advanced diseases. As a board member of PALPRAC, she is deeply involved in advancing palliative care. Notably, she's the Founder and Chairperson of VIHASA and has facilitated workshops across Southern Africa to support healthcare practitioners. A practitioner and advocate of meditation, she brings profound meaning and peace to her patients during life's most challenging moments.

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