PalliCHAT #4 - Integration of Palliative Care into the Hospital Environment

Palliative Care is increasingly being incorporated into various environments, but hospitals are distinct in their contextual challenges, differing from home-based and hospice care. In this presentation, Dr Rene Krause shares insights from a decade of integrating Palliative Care within hospital settings, drawing on both quantitative and qualitative data, as well as personal anecdotes. The discussion will cover the obstacles and facilitators encountered along the way, concluding with some practical advice for implementation.


  • Rene Krause (Family Physician and UCT Associate Professor)

    Rene Krause

    Family Physician and UCT Associate Professor

    Dr Krause is a Family Physician with a Master's degree in Palliative Medicine and a postgraduate diploma in Health Professional education. She is currently the Head of the Division of Interdisciplinary Palliative Care and Medicine in the Department of Family Medicine, Community and Emergency Care (UCT) and convenor of the postgraduate diploma in Palliative Medicine. She assists in the 6th year of lecturing and supervision during the rotation in Family Medicine. She also supervises Masters’ students in Palliative Medicine and supervises registrars of Family Medicine during their Palliative Medicine rotation. Clinically, Dr Krause has an honorary appointment at Groote Schuur Hospital, consulting in Palliative Care. She is a board member of the African Palliative Care Association and PALPRAC and her research interest is the strengthening and integration of Palliative Care practices in hospitals. She is doing a PhD in integrating palliative care in academic teaching hospitals within the Department of Family Medicine at UCT.

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